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    Tim Haslam

    I’m thinking of running a WoE tournament or rather an ‘event’ nothing too serious, just a days gaming and a few drinks and socialising.

    I’m based in the Manchester area and can get access to Element Games in Stockport.
    These guys have a great gaming hall and massive shop, selling loads of Warlord products incidentally.
    I would have to charge a small fee to be able to play, but this would not be a profit making exercise, purely on a voluntary basis. Element on the other hand need to cover there costs.
    There is a fully licensed bar and food can be organised locally. Across the road is a pub with travel lodge style accommodation attached.
    It’s only minutes from the motorway network.
    So as you can see it’s an ideal location.

    So really I’m just looking for interest in the event?
    We’d only need about a dozen players to go ahead, and who knows we may even get event support from Warlord?

    I’m thinking of a rough rules guide,
    Maybe up to 25% allied monsters?
    3 games

    We can adjust this if necessary and when we’ve played a few games, maybe add some errata?
    But I’m not wanting to run a hard core tournament here, just a bit of fun.
    Perhaps giving the best prize to the nicest themed and painted army?

    Thoughts please guys?

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    Sounds great, count me in. I’ll try and get my barbarians painted.


    darren burnett

    Im interested, but it depends on what date it is going to be held on

    Tim Haslam

    Well I’m thinking early July,
    But I’m open to ideas?
    Also Saturday or Sunday again what suits players.
    I’ve got a mate checking out with Element on availability and if it will clash with any other events.

    I’m thinking £5 per person will cover costs for the day.

    darren burnett

    Early July, and a Saturday, would suit me

    Tim Haslam

    So 6th 13th of July looking like possible dates.

    Any ideas on the games,
    I know it’s early days yet.
    But 3 different scenarios and
    does 1000pts sound right?

    If we were to just play straight forward engagement battles it may favour certain armies.

    Mark Lewis

    I’d be interested in this.

    Tim Haslam

    Thanks Mark,
    Just trying to agree a date with Element Games that suits us best.

    We’re thinking because it’ll be the first big WoE event that we may actually leave the rules pack very brief.
    No point in banning or changing things until we see how it all performs together.

    So it’s very likely to be,
    £5 entry,
    3 games, scenarios,
    1000pts, with up to 25% monsters.

    Prizes hopefully from Warlord support.
    Best prize will go to best themed and painted force.

    Tim Haslam

    Just a quick update,

    We have a date confirmed now.
    Saturday 13th July.

    I’m hoping to get event tickets up and running direct from Element Games web page.
    I’ll post when I know more.


    Tim Haslam

    Quick update,
    I’ve got the ball rolling with Warlord Games and the Venue.
    I’m hoping to be able to put a link up for ticket sales and Facebook soon.

    Just to remind you guys interested, this event will not be hard core tournament. It’s just for players to get used to the new rules set and meet fellow WoE gamers. We will try to pair up players in each round with someone they haven’t played before.
    Prizes for best painted and best themed forces.

    Tim Haslam
    Tim Haslam
    Tim Haslam

    4 tickets sold,
    16 to go….


    From WoE tourney experience, here are a few things.
    Limit one Monstrosity OR one selection from the ‘Monsters’ section of the rulebook.(Trust me you do not want to have a dwarf player with a Giant AND a Dwarf Steam Juggernaut)
    Fast units after a charge do not retain the Run order. The order dice is set to Advance.
    Army lists printed in advance.
    Make a ruling on whether Wizards can ride Monstrosities. Rules-wise you can but for a tournament you may want to say no.(Fast flyer + 3rd Level Wizard usually is no fun for the opponent)
    Army comp minimum – 2 warrior units, and 1 Warlord.

    Tim Haslam

    We’ve already got round the really big monster problem by limiting armies to 25% monsters, thus the points simply don’t add up.
    At 1000pts you simply can’t just have all the toys!

    It’s our first so called ‘friendly’ event, so we’re trying to keep it pretty open.
    We’ll probably make changes for the second event!

    Thanks for the input, it is noted and well received.

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