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    Tim Haslam

    Where are all the WoE players?

    Do they use a different platform for conversation etc. Facebook for example?

    Are there any WoE events in the UK planned in the future, assuming of course we come out of lockdown!



    I joined here a few weeks ago but it’s pretty quiet. There is a bit more discussion on the facebook page.

    Tim Haslam

    It’s a shame,

    WoE is a great system and also captures all the old nostalgia of fantasy in the 1980’s

    I’m my own worse enemy as I still refuse to do Facebook.

    Id love to attend a big event, I’ve got Knights, Barbarians and Goblin forces ready to go….

    Stevyn Pritchett

    Hi Tim,

    I play it every week against my regular opponent and we have another 2-3 friends that would play. I notice you ran a tournament last year, im guessing any plans have gone out the window for this but I was wondering whether you have any plans for next year?




    Tim Haslam

    Yes we did have a tournament at Stockport, Element Games.

    we didn’t get a massive turn out, but all enjoyed themselves, it was a relaxed friendly affair.

    It would be nice if Warlord hosted a big one day event?



    Just say no to facebook … i do.

    On other points …


    I cashed in on the terminator sale to build an undead army of mostly archers (terminators) with a cav unit of drones and a robotic overlord , a new twist on undead .


    Anyone else have some odd takes on using the army lists ?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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