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    Danny B

    What has everyone pre-ordered? Or have you not? If not, why not?!

    I pre-ordered the Quick Starter.. 49 models, 20 dice & the manual? Bargain!

    Layth AL-Najjar

    I went for the less bargainous skelington warriors. I don’t have the money for everything and I don’t like orcses that much. I was able to swing a set of blue dice for basically free, though.

    I really hope that metal figure can be used in-game as a leader, I want to have a lovely old grandad who raised his extended family for a tour of Erehwon.

    Drew Williams

    I only went for the book, I tried to get in fast to get the free sprue of minis but I guess we won’t know about that till they arrive.

    I avoided the mini bundles, despite them being very good value, because i have piles of unloved plastic at home. I’d like to see what I can field out of what i have before making any purchases to fill the gaps.

    Do we have any idea if we’ll see sample faction lists up before launch day? would be nice to use the Xmas break to get some minis together and ready to go.


    I went in on the Starter set. It was good value and I like the look of the “classic” style orcs.

    Luiso Bosqueviejo

    Only the rulebook here. I like orcs, but there is no money for all I want!


    Book only. We’ll see if i can reuse my current elves(dark).


    two of the Skeleton (91 guys) horde boxes. Best Skellies out there and they’re finally available again 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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