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    Andy Lilof

    Hi guys.

    Terrain building is one of my favourite parts of the hobby and I’ve set myself the task of achieving THE most accurate Pegasus bridge table possible. I’m almost fanatical about it now. Photos, plans,books, maps, actually going there to measure some bits….
    I can’t do books under a cloth. The table needs to look cool!
    So then this the spot. Terrain. Any game any period. Let’s see what you’ve got, what your working on. Got a tutorial? Excellent, let’s see it. I know we have some terrain masters out there!
    So here’s what’s on the bench…just missing a shot up truck….


    Looks good Andy – can you resize/reduce the other .jpg files so we can all get to see them 🙂

    Andy Lilof

    I shall try sir. Working on a tablet and the editing doesn’t do compression. However. I promise many terrain piccies to come.

    Battle Brush Sigur

    Well, here’s my article about my Dark Age / Medieval village:

    My Kind of Town – 28mm Medieval Village

    Some trees:
    Trees! 28mm

    ….and some more current stuff I made – 10mm/6mm terrain:
    6mm/10mm Terrain

    Hope you like the posts. 🙂

    Oh, and I recently decided to add to my Feudal Japan terrain collection. Ordered a bunch of MDF things, almost immediately regretted it (I’m just not an MDF guy. For some things it fits, for most it requires a lot of extra work I think.), and since then try to make it prettier. Andone of you have nice ideas for scatter terrain on Feudal Japanese tables?


    I’ve been making a board for my Antares armies.
    Couple of buildings, scatter stuff, rocky based sci-fi trees and a home made terrain mat to sit it all on.
    I have some 3d printed buildings and more scatter to add, then I might make some hills.


    Hi everybody !

    Here comes the first part of my Guadalcanal game table : Maravovo’s village.

    This project of game table will be in 4 part : alligator’s creek with jungle, landing beach, and herderson’s landing fields.

    Maravovo’s village is a 90cm x 90cm game table divided in four 45x 45cm parts.

    All the textures made with Warlord games basing tools.

    Japanese houses are from Sarissa precision

    Painted with airbrush and paint brush. I used Vallejo model color paints and vallejo pigments.

    Enjoy !

    Rough Rider

    Although I am taking a break from building terrain for the immediate future, I spent the last 18 montyhs or so working on 4 tables; 3 for a Pulp Alley and one for Mordheim. I documented the Pulp Alley Tables here and the Mordheim project here. Here are some pics of the finished projects:

    Andy Lilof

    Very nice. Love the airfield one. Sarissa right? And the jungle. Don’t take too long a break.

    ODM great board sweet photo too ( my photo mono is way off)

    Kiwi good to see some alien stuff and good at that too. Always found it hard to do alien realistically. Like this a lot.

    John Mathews

    @kiwiscott: what are those plant/towers made of? They look really cool and I might have to steal that design.

    Rough Rider

    Andy Lilof: Thank you and yes, the buildings (except the Perry Bros barn) on the urban and airfield tables are all Sarissa.


    Hi John Mathews
    The plant/tree/tower things are made from the seed pods of a Banksia tree, which is a fairly common tree in Australia and New Zealand. I have one in my back garden and it drops hundreds of the things every year.
    They are painted up and a fabric flower from the dollar shop hot glued to the top.
    If you are not in the Antipodes then maybe look for other natural products to use. I got the idea for these from stuff I had seen on the web made from pine cones that had been gnawed by squirrels. No squirrels in NZ so I had to make do with what I had.
    If I thought border control/customs dept would allow it I would send you a box full! Best of luck.

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