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    I have the following armies (each with around 2000-2500 pts) all in some semi state of paint:
    Algoryn, Isorian, Concord and Ghar.

    I recently bought a pack of Sychroniser drones – which comes with 3 designs of 2 each.
    Are there any particular types to go with each of the shard using factions I listed above? (Algoryn/Isorian/Concord)

    Do people use all 3 designs for the same faction?
    I’d hate to paint some up and have people tell me I’ve used a Concord drone in Algoryn colours etc.

    The web page only shows 1 of the variants and my googlefu has failed me.

    Thanks for any help on this.

    Jan Rudolph

    Hi Gimgamgoo,

    no there is no special design for a specific faction. It is like the other drone buddies (shield, batter and so on). Every design is usable for every faction.



    Tim Bancroft

    It’s as Jan said (thanks, Jan).

    I tend to bias my Algoryn or Concord forces towards one particular drone as a base for whatever type they were (the long one for C3, the ladybug-like one for Isorians, the narrower, taller one for AI), but in the end I found it easier to swap bodies around: I used the same AI-like drone for all my shield buddies, for example.

    Some players go for a army-independent colour scheme, too, perhaps using white, metallic or black.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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