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    Nigel Heather

    Given this is a starter set aimed at introducing new players I am finding it all a bit vague.

    I’m okay with the Romans because they are pretty uniform, it is the Gauls that have me puzzled.

    The rules say that units must be between 5 and 20 figures, though it hives no guidance on how the Gails and Romans should be split up.

    The rules also say that all the figures in a unit must have the same armour and weapons.

    The rules also say that the figures should display the correct weapons and armour though it does concede that you could make up numbers with slightly incorrect figures as long as most of the figures are correct.

    And this is where I have a problem with the starter set.  The archers are fine, it is the 40 warriors that I have problems with.  There are four sprues all essentially the same, each with the same torsos and legs.  This gives a mixture of chainmail, leather armour, shirts and bare chests.  And a mixture of swords, javelins and short spears.  And a mixture of head gear.

    So how on earth can you put units together that comply with the rules.

    Take chainmail for example, there are 8 altogether, but 4 look designed to hold a spear and 4 look to hold a sword.  Under the rules you can’t mix these because they have different weapon types.  They can’t mix with any other units because they have chainmail.

    So by Warlord’s own rules you have four chainmail swordsmen and four chainmail spearmen.  They can’t be used because they can’t be mixed with others and you can’t have a unit of four figures.

    Similar is true for the rest of the combinations.  Complying with the rules, I can’t see how you can put any Gaul units together apart from the archers.




    I was wondering the same thing, my plan was to just put models with what i want the unit to be seen as having in the front row and everything else behind it for that mob visual. There is an issue with there being one pila to few for the romans in the starter as well one has to have a gladius arm. Granted that can be mitigated with the shield with pila but still

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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