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    Nigel Heather

    Just started to build my starter set and wonder if my set is short of a pilum arm or whether this is a problem with all sets.

    The roman sprues in my box are

    Pilum figures (1 sprue)

    Gladius figures (1 sprue)

    Command figures (2 spues)

    The command sprues are identical and have a leader, a standard bearer, a musician and a gladius figure.

    So fine for the gladius unit but not for the pilum unit.

    So with what I have I can’t build a proper pilum unit.

    Should the command sprues be different.  Or should there have been a separate pilum arm.


    Another niggle – the gladius figures are all holding their swords but they also have the sword in their scabbards.





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    Hi Nigel.

    The sprues are correct. As for the pila armed sprue the lack of a pilum equipped arm is for variety purposes. I believe that the shield with pilum attached can be used to show the legionary has one he just isn’t holding it. If you like the look of all your legionaries equipped with pila then I’d buy some more sprues later on.

    As for the scabbards and swords you are correct. They all show sheathed swords on the legionaries, yet are holding them as well. It bugs me too, but you could either file the hilts off the sheathed swords or simply ignore it, your choice.

    Hope this is helpful. This game has a lot of potential, just doesn’t have the attention it deserves at the moment.
    Game on.


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