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    Hello, a little question for those who bought the monks and read the spring campaign booklet.
    Is that me or are some informations missing ?
    It is said that the 7 scenarios correspond to 7 areas contested at the beginning at the campaign that will be claimed by players after playing the scenarios and that the control of those areas will influence “the terms and style of the final battle”.
    But, when I read the last scenario, I saw that the only changes are only due to which player posses more Daruma than his opponent does.
    Second lack : it is written that the last scenario is played “once all seven scenarios have been played out or the Naozumi player can force the siege earlier as explained below”. Except that below that, they only talk about Daruma and then are the scenarios…
    Third lack : on scenario 2, in the objectives section it can be read that players can evacuate villagers from houses or kill them depending on their allegiance. But there are no information about how to rescue them or who won the scenario on which condition ? So who control the second zone ?
    I’ll stop there cause they are others mistakes but I’d first like to know if I missed something ? If Warlord Games already published something to repair that ? Or if anyone else have had trouble playing this campaign ?

    Thanks for your answers and I hope my English is not too bad for you to understand me ^^

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