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    Just wanted to check that Spartan hoplites actually should have 2 wounds. I have found that it makes too much of a difference as their stats are pretty pumped up even without that.


    I think they are, that’s how they have been played in official games on YouTube.

    They are double the price of a Greek Hoplite, that should hopefully balance it out a bit.


    My son and I have played our first campaign athenes vs Sparta with 2HP spartans. They are tough warrior but feared by javelins .
    this difference make the uneven confrontation interesting to played.

    If spartan hoplites are hard to kill but their heros are worst….



    another question about spartan holplits vs roman

    spartan not in phalanx hit on 2+ (natural +3 long spear+1)
    Roman hit on 3+ if more than 10 and +4 if not

    even if there are re rolls (on 2+ the gain is low) the roman have no possibility to win at 12 vs 12 (with the same budget)

    Maybe there is something wrong in budget or somewhere else…
    if pila were counted with javelin lethality could it be balance the result…

    best regards


    I had the same thought.


    The Romans are “paying” for Testudo, Shield Wall, and better equipment options whereas the Spartans are “paying” for Phalanx, For Sparta!, and better stats. They’re evenly costed, but do different stuff.

    I suspect that Spartans are under-costed for that extra Wound though. It seems like they’ll be tough to beat on the battlefield.

    Mike Mayes

    Must admit that even though I have only played 3 games so far, the Spartan hoplites seem to be broken.



    No Spartans in my local group (thankfully). If I had to build around them, I’d go with a cavalry hero with Lethal Blade, a slinger hero with Accurate and Sling of Fire, a cavalry unit, and then as many Hit and Run slingers as I could fit – possibly giving everyone javelins.

    I think using Lethal to rob the Spartans of Armour and therefore maximize wounds might work. Increase the slinger hero’s range attribute and double-tap with him every turn (targeting their heroes). If they phalanx, they’ll be susceptible to cavalry charges from the side and more rounds of slinger shoots. If they don’t phalanx, use javelins and hit and run to kite them around the table.


    Nathan is right. If you get “stuck in” with Spartans, you’re going to have a bad day. Slings, javelins, even a Scorpio team. Do your slingers suck? Use mercenaries!


    This comes from a Noob SPQR player,, But a Wargamer for over 50 years and an Actual Sword Fighter

    Love the idea of Parries,

    But Should Spartans have double the wounds? Maybe But If they do then there Points are WAY to Low..

    Just Watched A lot of Youtube Videos which got me excited for this game,, I Saw a Spartan Army with 12 Spartans a Hero and 10 Slingers, The Roman Had 12 Legionnaires and a Hero

    So the spartans Had same force and 10 extra Slingers, And the spartan warriors have 2 wounds,, This seems Broken and even on top of that Hitting one better.

    Is there an Errata, Rules points Balance somewhere?

    •    They released a FAQ a while back, but no errata. It doesn’t mention Spartan cost.
      The video you’re referring to sounds like the battle was imbalanced. I can’t think of a way that those forces are equal points value. Although, the Roman player could had given all 12 Legionaries slings and pila (3+3x 12 =72 denarii) or even added a horn and standard (10+25 denarii). I guess that extra equipment does add up a bit.
      However, this may have not been the case. If it was a truly imbalanced game the rule book states that its fine to do so, even in a campaign. I have played a few games where my forces were intentionally smaller and I have to say that they were extremely fun.
    •    As for Spartans being underpriced I agree. When comparing the Spartan Hoplite  to Roman Legionaries and Athenian, or Theban Hoplites (which all have similar stats) the  Spartan Hoplite takes the cake. He has better Melee, Agility, and Bravery and 2 wounds all for the same cost as his contemporaries. So, maybe Spartan Hoplites need to be 30 denarii?
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