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    Alexander S.


    I have some questions and thoughts about tercios in the Epic Battles- Pike and Shotte rules.
    On page 19 the formation Tercio is described. It looks to me like a tercio consists of 5 separate units (3 pike blocks and 2 shott). However, it is not clear to me how the tactical and historical characteristics of a tercio are reflected with this formation?
    For me, a tercio is a compact and usually larger unit than the units that fought in the dutch or swedish formation. Therefore, I would rather think that a tercio is one larger unit.
    On page 129 the rules for large and small units are described, but no indication of when a unit is considered large or small.
    Now I would say that if there are less than 4 bases, then the unit is small, if there are more than 4 or 5, it is considered large, right?
    In terms of a tercio, I would say that it always counts as a large unit, but as shown on page 19 they are 5 small units. That makes no sense to me.

    I would also like it if there was a difference in the rules between early and late tercios. For example, the Catholic League fought for a long time in early tercios with their typical “horns” and the regiments were also larger than the imperial ones.
    Here I would consider, for example, that an early tercio has no flanks and no rear or that the flanks and rear area are much smaller than by normal units.
    What do you think about this?

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