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    Nigel Heather

    I bought the original starter set but then it sat on the shelf behind other projects and then I started reading that the rules weren’t very good so I never did anything with it. Recently the new rules were announced (maybe I should have waited to see if they addressed the issues but I didn’t) – I saw the redemption deals and decided it was better just to buy another starter.

    So now I have two starter sets and I’m wondering how best to build my figures. I also have a couple of Roman sprues from magazine covers

    I’m wondering for example that now I have 12 slinger arms would it be a good idea to build a set of slingers (though it does strike me a little odd having legionaries as slingers rather than some mercenary skirmishers (but maybe I’m still thinking with a big battle mentality).

    Otherwise the Romans are fairly straight-forward, swords or pila.

    Then there are the Gauls. I clearly have 80 Gauls, excluding the archers, so how is best to build them. Should I split them into swords, javelins and short spears, if so what split should I go for.

    And how big should the units be.

    And commands – I’m not really clear about them. There are three main characters in the command, standard, musician and leader. But do I put a command in each unit. Are Romans best in 8 man units including 3 man command – including slingers – who in this case I guess are swordsman with slings. And the pila are swordsmen with pila.

    Appreciate any advice.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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