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    Hello, a couple of questions before my first game:

    1. When a Group makes an attack, do the supporting fighters just add their basic stat (Fight, Shoot) or their stat as it’d be modified if they were Shooting or Fighting?
      For example, would three Drunes with Repeating Crossbows attack with 2+1+2+2=7 dice (adding the bow’s +1 only once) or would it be 2+1 + 2+1 + 2+1 = 9 dice (everyone’s bow adds its +1)?
      What about factoring in Injuries, Stuns, Winded or other modifiers?
    2. What’s Slaine’s price in Notoriety? Just the basic 16 for Slaine in normal mode, or 16 + 9 to include his Warped One form?
      Can you pay only the 9 and have Slaine start in Warped One form?
    3. In Close Combat, do you apply a weapon’s Power modifier in the Hitting step or not until the Hurting step?




    I am learning the game myself now and can let you know how we are playing in relation to your questions.

    1. When adding a groups fight stat we just use the base stat but take into account stun and damage modifiers per model. We don’t take each models weapon bonus into account because from the rules it seems only one model is attacking and the others are helping.

    2. Slaine’s price in Notoriety is 16 + 9. We add the Slaine and Warped Slaine together as they are both available once Slaine is on the board. Slaine can not start in warped state and must use his card to warp.

    3. We add the power in the hitting step and not the hurting step.

    Hope that helps. These are just how we interpreted the rules so it would be nice to get an official FAQ or something to these questions.


    Personal opinion here after constantly re-reading the rule book trying to work out the more obscure sections (of which there are many).

    1:  The current fight/shoot stats are added to the acting models stats without any weapon bonus.  Curreent stats do account for current injuries and stuns.  E.g A group of three Skull Swords with repeater crossbows would have a shoot of 7.  Three models with a shoot value of 2, plus the repeaters shoot mod of +1.  Applting the weapon shoot modifier to all models in a group would make repeaters insane (9 dice from 3 models), and spears dog shit (3 dice from 3 models).


    2: Slaine is 16 Notoriety. Warped Slaine’s Notoriety of 9 is for scenario victory conditions that use a models notoriety value to determine vp’s.  In regards to Slaine becoming warped the sensible option seems to be that it is a new model so therefore removes all injury, stun, and winded markers when replaced.  This avoids the situation when Slaine with 3 markers can warp and instantly become a casualty as Warped’s Cool is only 3.  Also as Warped only has a Cool of 3 it no longer contributes a Star Chip to the activation pool.


    3: This has conflicting timings in the rule book.  Personally I would count the bonus from charging as an extra hit result, but does not count towards Feats as was not a roll.  Weapon Power is added during the Hurting step, unlike  a shoot modifier that is applyed during the initial roll and has a seperate power modifier.

    As an additionla note about conflicting rules.  Theses are my opinion.

    Ignore the Feat list on page 34-35 and use the rules printed on the cards instead.

    Skull Swords are +1 Notoriety for repeater crossbows as the main rules, the weapon cost list, and the community article.  Not +2 as the card states.

    I’ll try to update this as I dive further into the rules.

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