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    Hi, having played the 3 scenarios in the starter set booklet I like the core mechanics of the game and see the potential in larger games, however the rulebook is a little unclear in places – hopefully someone here could shine a light on some of these queries, thankyou.

    1. When is a Moving Fast token removed, when the model is next activated? or at the end of the turn? or some time else?
    2. Is there a minimum distance a model must move when sprinting? Will a model gain a Moving Fast token even if it moves less than it would making a Move action?
    3. Do unique Feats count as being both as Moon and Sun or count as neither? How do they interact with the cosmic alignment ?
    4. Can both combatants choose to Give Ground if both are injured, or just the defender? If both can, who decides and moves first?  If one of the models (attacker) is killed, can the other still Give Ground?
    5. Only played a few small games so far but found that most of the army stands about all turn (with 1 activation) while your Cool 4 or 5 hero runs about doing everything, activating many times with the power of the star chip and high cool, is this the usual play experience of the game?
    6. Any thoughts on extra uses for Blood Points, they seem quite limited as is and very easily obtained with the star chip draw?
    7. Will there be any support of the game, with extra scenarios etc?
    Michael Stockin

    Response so far has been deafening, is there someone else people go for Slaine support?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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