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    Christoph Hintze

    Is there any way to come up with the data for ships not in the fleet list such as the Black Swan class sloop for the Royal Navy? See:


    Yes….Ask and you shall receive…. here is a rough (10 min pen and paper version)  – If you ask on the Facebook group ‘wardroom’ or on the VaS discord server  we can put together a rough stat for any ship… Points for a game of WLPS (warlord points system – whats in the rulebook) are a bit of a guess work TBH I’m afraid


    Commission 1939
    Type – Destroyer (Corvette)
    Hull – 3/1
    Speed – 4″
    Armour – 1+
    Weapons – Light Guns = Range 4/8/12/17, AD3, AP-2, DD1 – Traits weak, DP & 2 Dice Fore, 1 Dice Rear
    AA Battery -Range 0, AD0 Local 1
    Traits – Depth Charges, Radar, Sub Hunter & Agile

    Refit – Modified Black Swan – 1942- Increase Depth Charges to AD 2 & AA battery to Local 2

    Points = 40 points
    Refit = +10

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    Note – I’m not 100% sold on the Black Swann starting with Radar, Sub Hunter & being Agile….

    I’d need more data on what was installed… and the shape of the ships hull… however as a rough draft that seems about right and fits with the official ships whilest being different enough to warrant its own stat line.


    Christoph Hintze

    Thank you very much.  How did you go about putting that together.  I would really like to able to figure it out on my own when I want.  I am also looking for a good template for doing my own ship data cards.  There are more ships then data cards.



    Christoph Hintze

    Here are the stats as I got off Wikipedia:

    Class overview
    Name Black Swan class

    Royal Navy
    Royal Indian Navy
    German Navy
    Indian Navy

    Preceded by Egret class
    Built 1938–1946
    In commission 1939–1981
    Planned 42
    Completed 12 (original) + 25 (modified)
    Cancelled 5
    Lost 6
    Retired 30
    General characteristics
    Type Sloop-of-war

    1,250 tons original
    1,350 tons modified

    Length 299 ft 6 in (91.29 m)

    37 ft 6 in (11.43 m) original
    38 ft 6 in (11.73 m) modified

    Draught 11 ft (3.4 m)

    Geared turbines, 2 shafts:
    3,600 hp (2.68 MW) (original)
    4,300 hp (3.21 MW) (modified)


    19 knots (35 km/h) (original)
    20 knots (37 km/h) (modified)

    Range 7,500 nmi (13,900 km) at 12 kn (22 km/h)

    180 (original)
    192 (modified)


    6 × QF 4 in (102 mm) Mk XVI AA guns (3 × 2)
    4 × 2-pounder AA pom-pom
    4 × 0.5-inch (12.7 mm) AA machine guns (original)
    12 × 20 mm Oerlikon AA (6 × 2) (modified)
    Depth charges 40 (110 modified)

    The imagery I have seen shows what look to me like some kind of mast mounted radar.

    I hope this is the information you were asking about


    If you head over to the Victory at sea wardroom facebook group then theres a couple of templates in the files section.  Theres also some on the Discord server

    Now some of the stats are a little fudged…. but basically heres some rough guidelines, if stuck ask on the Discord /Facebook group and theres a few of us who’ll be able to help you out.
    Hull – is a ships full displacement in tonnes (not long tonnes) divided by 500 to get the full number (which is divided by 3 to get the crippled number)  theres a bit of rounding and fudging here..
    speed – is knotts divide by 5 or MPH divide by 6, & fudged
    weapons – ranges, AP & Damage dice are normally lifted from other ships with the same (exactly the same!  not just another 4″ for example) weapons.
    arcs are off the real world ship
    AD is for light guns .75 – .33 dice per gun depending on the ship and layout
    weapon traits are normally by weapon, and weapon mounts… again not all of the ones in the rulebook seem to apply the same rules… :/
    Traits…. theres a little bit of fudging on some of them… others are clear as to if a ship has it or not ie Depth Charges, Aircraft it clear,  Agile is down to hull shape & rudder confiq

    EDIT – when I roughly put a ships stats together I do tend to compare it to similar ships of the same nation for approximate weapon stats ….

    Points – Warlord Points System (as we call it) is the rulebook system… and its not good, you can build the same ship with different refits get to the same end stat line and end up with 2 different costs!…. So theres something called WLPA (warlord points adjusted) where myself and a couple of others have basically added a bit of consistancy to the refit costs which is the points I’ve put up there… it kinda works

    then theres a unoffical complete from the ground up repoint system…called SHIPS :p

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    Christoph Hintze

    I have applied to the Facebook group.  Could I please get an invite to the Discord server?




    That’s brilliant….I’ll have to start doing this more often. Crunched a bunch of numbers to figure out hull points, and the average hull points/tons for destroyers is roughly 1/400, but for cruisers it’s roughly 1/500. That’s interesting, considering that you would think ton-for-ton cruisers would have more HP due to their armor and size and whatnot?


    The displacement tonnes amounts vary between sources and if it’s patrol loaded, max loaded or testing.

    But the / 500 and round works for all ships


    Between v1 (mongoose) and v2 (warlord) a couple of different stats were amalgamated or removed…

    So hull is literally the displacement that the ship made.


    Ah yes, I guess so. Yeah and the v1 to v2 transition had to have shook some things up.

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