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    Have a specific rules question, let’s hear it. Let’s chat about it. And lets get the official ruling. Who will be first?


    When you are using an MOD transport does the restriction on Run or Advance orders (as per page 95) apply for the entire turn or just for the current order?


    Re-rolls question.

    It specifically says you cannot re-roll a re-roll for any reason.
    But there are several examples of getting to re-roll a to hit roll that misses followed by being forced to re-roll successful hits…
    If you have already re-rolled the missed to hit dice how can you be forced to re-roll success? The dice have already been re-rolled once…
    I am so confused.

    Tim Bancroft

    @Zac: I’m not too sure whose order is being referred to, but I’ll try to cover both. Disembarking troops have to use a Run or Advance Order to disembark (1 dice – though very few units that can use a transport have MOD, Ghar suits with Plasma Amps being an obvious exception). A vehicle embarking troops cannot make a Run or Advance for the whole turn (p.95).

    : If you could cite the pages on which the examples are and we can sort them. In general, the rule is that you can never re-roll a re-roll for the same purpose (e.g. a hit, a Res save). As far as I can remember, there are only three triggers for forcibly rerolling hits and that is when a unit is Down, Sprinting or is Fast with a Run order (p.29) – in effect, a new purpose forced by the defender being in a defensive mode and not the attacker.


    HardBack rulebook page 8:
    “As a general principle, when re-rolls are allowed or necessary the re-rolled result stands and cannot be re-rolled again. So, even where a test might be entitled to a re-roll for two or three different reasons, only a single re-roll is permitted. In other words, you cannot re-roll a re-roll”

    Hardback rulebook page 29 it pretty much breaks the above rule by saying if you have any “re-roll misses” do this before being forced to “re-roll hits”.

    So if you have a spotter drone you can re-roll a miss. Say for example you roll 2 shots at a DOWN target. you get one hit and miss once. The spotter lets you re-roll the miss, lets say you hit on the re-roll.
    Now because you are shooting at a down target you are forced to re-roll your hits. This would require you to re-roll a die a 2nd time. Once that miss became a hit the DOWN order forces a 2nd re-roll of the SAME die… which according to Page 8 rule is not allowed,
    “only a single re-roll is permitted. In other words, you cannot re-roll a re-roll”.

    I get that this is a “special” circumstance. But the Page 8 rule needs to more clearly state that you can only “benefit” from a re-roll once, and that does not affect any “forced” re-rolls you may have to make.

    Tim Bancroft

    Ah. It’s worth noting that Page 8 also states that players may be obliged to reroll successes. As quoted, it’s a general principle to be applied to the rules, not a hard-and-fast ‘never’ rule as it very much depends on situations and purposes.

    Jan Rudolph

    @ Nicholas you have to abstract it a bit more.
    First never re-roll a re-roll is ok.
    I had the same problem you are speaking about and it is cleared somewhere in the Errata, FAQ or something. Will look it up for you! But the solution is as following:

    Step 1: Hit a target.
    Check for range and cover. Roll as regular.

    Step 2: Reroll missed hits.
    If you have one or more spotter drones you are allowed to re-roll missed hits. Just do it in the regular way.

    Step 3: Down comes into effect.
    Check iff the target is down and benefits from being down.
    Now, after all hits are counted, you have to re-roll all of them! But the spotter is not affecting them again.

    in reality you are rolling this dice three times. But rulewise you have to separate: “re-rolling missed hits (spotter)” and “re-rolling hits (down)”

    Hope this makes it clear. If you have any question left feel free to contact me.


    I get the rule, you can be forced to re-roll a re-roll in the given circumstance. But page 8 rule needs to identify this as a possibility right away, not wait until page 29 to state that this rule can be broken.

    Another oversight by whoever wrote the Strike on Kar’a Nine Start Here book… there is no mention anywhere what happens if you fail a command roll (auto DOWN order). Had to look in the main rulebook for the answer. Not good for a getting started book.

    Oh and the Kar’a Nine book it is easier to understand about re-rolls… it completely skips the “no re-rolls of re-rolls” rule. So you know right from the start that it can happen.


    Hello I am new to wargaming and the Gate of Antares. I am using the Beyond the Gates of Antares: Strike on Kar’A Nine starter set.

    What is the Subverter Matrix weapon on the C3D1 drone? I looked through the rulebooks included with the start set and can not find anything explaining it.

    Thank you

    Jan Rudolph

    Hello Cpataincab,

    the subverter matrix is an equipment piece and not a weapon. I don’t have the Kar’A Nine book at hand right know so I can’t verify if and where it is described.

    You can find more about it under this link.

    For the beginning you may skip it. Because it is rather “complicated” to use and you opponent will soon describe it as “over powered”.



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