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    So I played my first game of WoE tonight and we did a 3 player version of the rogue beast scenario and we had something happen that wasn’t exactly covered in the rule book.

    One of the players (we’ll just say player A) had possession of the beasts heart. When his warrior unit carrying the heart was attacked and routed by player B’s warriors.We were confused as the rule book states that if a unit is destroyed it drops the heart which is picked up by the unit that destroyed them in melee or just dropped if destroyed by ranged fire. There was no mention of what happened if the unit was routed. We assumed that the routing unit drop it seeing as otherwise the routing unit basically got a free movement as well as retaining free runs every subsequent turn.I

    Did we assume correctly or was player A’s routing unit meant to book it towards the deployment zone carrying the heart.


    Hi Chase,
    I think what you assumed sounds most appropriate: routing is a hell-for-leather run-for-your-lives type of thing so it seems reasonable you’d drop a big messy piece of meat in the process!
    But the Rules are specific about the “destroyed” so I can see why it was confusing: you could go either way. Unless the model carrying the heart gets killed in the melee?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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