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    As I am just getting into Bolt Action gaming, I wanted to begin with the US Army starter set. I have already made my purchase. I am posting now with a question about what I just bought and waiting to receive.

    Warlord’s catalog description of the M4 Sherman in the US Army starter set says it is “plastic.” However, in an unboxing video of this set, the contents are shown to include a resin M4. I was hoping for the more detailed plastic kit. What will I be getting?


    Jason Hall

    The unboxing you watched may have been from an earlier version of the set.. Most bolt action unboxing vids I’ve watched are from at least a year ago so the set might have changed since.

    Also to address another point you made about resin and plastic.. in the early days of plastic it was of much worse quality then resin and resin kits have still to this day maintained a very high level of detail. The main difference now is not the detail but the ease of construction. Plastic kits as a rule are much easier tho put together due to the solvents needed but resin is just as detailed and the end results are just as good, you just need to do more preparation and take a bit more time putting them together.

    Some of Warlords products are still white metal alloy… 🙂




    Thank you for the reply. Your point about the early boxing is a good one. I went back and looked at the unboxing video and it dates from August 2014!

    The set I purchased is from an eBay seller and there is no way of knowing how long he had it. Do you know of any differences in the packaging or box artwork for the two?

    Another confusing issue…

    The box art of the Warlord kit packaged as the “M4 Sherman Medium Tank” shows an M4A3. However, it appears the kit is of the earlier M4 version. Am I correct? Is there an M4A3 (75mm) available from Warlord?

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