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    Capt John Sparrow

    noob question for SPQR, please. About to play Trouble in Gaul with my son and he rubbed his hands in glee (being the Roman player)

    If a troop type is listed as having Bows/Slings etc, but there is no mention of a melee weapon, do they count as Fists and Feet (short, weak) in Melee?

    Apologies if this is answered but my search function doesn’t appear to work on this forum or device.

    Thanks in advance,



    You are correct. The weapons listed are what they have. But, if you wish to make it feel more realistic or balanced, feel free to give the tribesmen daggers as they would probably each be carrying a dagger for daily use in their villages. The army listing for Gaul Tribesmen only gives them the options for additional javelins and swords and some armour.

    Have fun!

    Capt John Sparrow

    Thanks, Tim.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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