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    Badger lavelle

    I realise I’m slightly jumping the gun having only just ordered lots of the preorder stuff, but are there any plans to release folks like Kreelers or further scenarios/ campaign, or great villains like Darkus (though I dread the spindly legs on a fig), if the game sells well?


    I hope other S/D characters get a show in. Macnulty and Durham Red to name 2. Also rules for a very close infighting. Ghettos are hardly spacious and muties are are about ghettos.

    Badger lavelle

    I’ve seen posts of figures of MacNulty, and Durham Red, but they are not part of the first launch so not sure how quick or whether they will be available individually or as a set.

    Swan Bones

    🙏 Torso from Newcastle 🙏

    Eric Fontaine

    So much more coming in the future!

    Mister Thryllseekyr

    Hello, I’m new here. I haven’t brought any of these games, but have noticed the recent Judge Dredd game and was wondering if there are any plans to make more 2000AD based minatures war games?


    I would imagine it will depend of the sales of the games they already have out. They seem to be doing well, and due to the interconnectivity of the ruleset, I bought in to both. I hope they keep following this trend.

    I would love to see some stuff for Bill Savage, but really a few scenarios and profiles specific to his story would cover it. Since the other two games have rules for creating your own characters (or at least Strontium Dog does), it is fairly easy to approximate any character.

    I really would like to see models for Savage, Torquemada and Nemesis, and most importantly, Slaine (Warped) and Ukko and the Sloughs (any of Slaine’s frienemies really).


    Morning All – I’m wondering if I could use the Strontium Dog minis with the Judge Dredd game or if it’s required to use Strontium Dog rules for those characters? Would it be a good idea to purchase both starter sets or are the rules technically the same and could I just buy sets of minis?


    I use my minis across both games, as in the comic (and one of the Big Meg cards) dimension jump and time travel technology allows them to mix. The scale is more or less the same between the games, with a few strange exceptions.

    The rules are basically the same between SD and Dredd, with some tightening of the loose ends in the Dredd version. The SD version has rules for making your own characters and mutants, as well as weapons and such. It also has more scenario combinations. The Dredd version has a large amount of customization within a few types of forces but, it is missing a section of the campaign rules in the version I received in the boxed set. I presume this is true for all versions.

    I would/did get both sets, as the cards would need to be printed out DIY otherwise, with a personal preference toward the SD set.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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