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    If you would like to get added to the list, please add your forum name and location. This way players can PM each other and arrange pick up games or events, The more that participate the more likely it will grow. If you would rather add your store or local gaming hang out, please include the facilities name, address, contact info if available and times your group meet for games. Thank you.

    Nick Turner

    Nick Turner, near Yeovil in the SW.


    Gregreames. Based in South London / West Kent


    James, Bournemouth, band spanking new to this game and looking for regular games. Currently working on a new model army.


    WILL, Poole Played a few games and now own Irish, Scots and English Armies for the English Civil Wars. I have the best part of 1000 models painted with just as many to paint. So the event games are great to see all the hard work paying off on the table top. Played the Second Battle of Newbury on 6 six foot by 4 foot tables. Im planning to put a game together using the Captian Mercenary rules from Devils playground, and hopefully cross over to the To kill a King Campaign. A mix of both systems. We play at Entoyment in Poole. Great friendly staff. Has a nice little café instore too.

    Phil Mercer

    Hello there, live in Basingstoke and play 28mm Williamite/Jacobites in Ireland. Normally on a 7x5ft table.

    Cameron Fleming

    Hi all, Based in Lancashire and working on Montrose vs Covenanters and Jacobites in Lancashire 1715 projects at the moment. The latter is possibly more a game for black powder however I prefer the flexibility of pike and shotte batallia so may try playing the battle of preston with both rule sets!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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