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    Tom R

    Will the game allow you to add “special” figures to your units?

    Layth AL-Najjar

    Yes? The Orc box seems to have a pennant handler.

    Drew Williams

    But were the sprues from these boxes not bought from the wargames factory when they closed?

    I wouldn’t necessarily equate what’s in the box to what you can use.

    I do hope however that we will see rules for this variety of unit champions.


    I would actually hope for the opposite. For no champions and a minimum of special characters. I am not saying you are wrong, it is just interesting that we have such divergent opinions and I might well be wrong, not in what we get as I have no idea what that is, but in what I think I want. After all I was wrong about slotabases and round bases being good ideas.


    There are unit leaders. There were not rules for banners or musicians, at least on my pass through the rulebook there were none of those things though nothing stops you from including those models.


    I use those models to represent the unit leader, but there are no rules to use them separately, as in Kings of War.


    I add them to my warbands for flavor – but treat them as normal grunts. For example my Elven Lord unit includes 4 Bodyguards. One of them is a Standard Bearer & another is a Bard (Musician) figure. Both are treated as typical bodyguards – Spangly armour, swords, etc. – with no special attributes. I also like to have a banner in the warbands – but it is a cosmetic effect only, he’s just another grunt for game play.


    You can use any models as long as the bases are appropriate size. You could use blocks of cheese(handy as a snack for when they die)as long as it’s on a decent base.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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