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    I played the MiG Alley expansion for the first time a few nights ago. Although no fighters were shot down, the North Koreans won, because they dished out three boom chits to the US forces, while receiving two chits back.

    I find they are fun to play. Nice looking minis, even though the metal casting requires the larger footprint bases. They have speeds of 13-14 inches instead of 6 or 7, so that leads to lots of travel across the table. They come with a card labelled ‘JET’ that states that any jet with no enemy within 9″ automatically gains a level of advantage at the start of their individual activation. I find that you really have to use wingmen to outmaneuver and force an enemy into a lower level before the other pilot can attack. Due to the higher speeds and the Jet card, the jets do have a different feel. There’s more of a focus on getting your fighters to work together as a pair.

    I tried playing my second game of MiG Alley last night. This time the Americans did well and got 3 boom chits on the North Koreans without receiving any back.

    The only thing I would complain about is that for the price $32 US plus shipping, you only get 4 minis. With the previous squadron releases, Warlord usually sell you 6 minis for that price. I had thought of buying two boxes, but $64 US (plus shipping) for a total of 8 minis is just too rich for my wallet.

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    James Boyd

    We played one game on Saturday with six planes to a side with varying pilot skill levels with one 4 per side then a mix of 3’s and 2’s. The MIGs ran away with it shooting down two F-86’s (including their 4) for the loss of one 2 (5 boom to 2).

    My buddy painted and mounted the planes on the normal, smaller stands, but used magnets on the plane with a cup on the top of the stem. With some refinement it’s going to work great!

    We found that the jets give a different feel. It’s much easier to get heavy hitter into play as well as buzz saw! Working together is very important as is looking forward a turn or two. We enjoyed it and agree that the price point for only four planes is steep!

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