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    Richard Coates

    Warlord Games previously had a policy of manually approving all new forum users before they could post on the forums. We relaxed this rule for the first couple of weeks that the new forums were open. This was so that those eager to return to the forums could easily do so, without having to wait.

    Now that the rush of eager new forum members has slowed a little and we’re starting to see a spammer or two sneaking in, we’re bringing that policy back. From this point on, site administrators will manually approve each new user, to prevent spammers and other ne’er do wells from getting in. This should mean an end to spam in the forums, but will mean new members will have to wait to contribute. We aim to process the majority of new forum members within 24 hours.

    New forum applicants will receive an email letting them know when their request has been approved. Should a legitimate user’s application be denied accidentally, please contact Customer Services as per their details on the contact page and we will sort things out.

    If forum members have any further questions or concerns you can message me directly on the forums.

    Battle Brush Sigur

    Good move. It’s extra work for the mods/admins (which sucks), but I guess it was just a requirement sooner or later.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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