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    Calum Strachan

    with the last few Project Z frames going on last chance to buy it seems like that’s all she wrote for project z.

    Would it be possible to bring the minis back via digital distribution? IIRC these were all digital sculpts in the first place so that should be easy enough(assuming warlord has the rights and access to raw files etc). There’s really nothing close to modern military stuff available for 3d printing that works in 28mm, or really very much in the way of actual models for sale, so it would fill a niche well.

    The obvious concern would be piracy, people selling the prints on ebay etc, but if it’s a dead range I think that’s less of an issue since it wouldn’t even be available otherwise.

    It could also be a good toe in the water for warlord to look into digital distribution, or even 3d print to order, for small volume or incredibly specific items eg items only used in one battle, characters or ridiculous stuff that would never see the light of day without it…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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