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    What percent of your Konflict 47 force is K47 units and what percent is straight WW2 Bolt Action troops ?

    Mostly Bolt Actin with a little K47 help or do you like to load up on K47 units with a little BA to fill in ?

    Roy H Anderson

    Depends on the army. My Americans are Konflict 47 heavy. My Germans are more BA units.


    It was the K47 units that got me into the game, so mine is largely skewed to that side of things.

    I have been paying attention to historical accuracy, so that I could run my normal infantry in Bolt Action, should I want to do that in the future. I do like that the Cromwell-T comes with both turrets, so I can have that flexibility.

    John M

    It depends on the scenario and how I feel that day. I Can go full K47 (if there really is such a thing), full BA or a mix.

    I have even had games of K47 against pure BA players. Just used the Tank wars/BA rules with K47 units in those cases. Try to lure them to the Konflikt side…


    Mine currently is mostly Bolt Action, but that’s only because I was given a good bit to start. A majority of my purchases have been for K47.


    I try to tailor capabilities to the mission at hand. For example, Firefly Infantry with a Mudskipper is a handy capability mixed with ordinary infantry, if one wants to seize an objective and hold it for linkup, etc. K47 allows me to tinker with the nuances of tactics in numerous ways. Kinda like puzzle solving.


    Hmmmm, I am currently not having any (yet)… but I’m thinking about going 50:50.

    At first, I’ll need to gather more interest (there are just ”two of us” currently interested to start) for the system with Core rules book played with ”available proxy models” at my local ”Figurine Games Assossiation”, since it will come cheaper to make group orders for the sets (and my local ”hobby store” provides only the rules books at the moment)…


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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