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    Hi, Sam Wilson here. K47 is one of my favorite rule systems. I like it because it merges history with Sci Fi, and a little fantasy, to boot. To me, K47, as a derivative of BGA, parallels the lastest derivative game development, WoE–from BtGoA. This way of game evolution certainly makes learning rules, capabilities, and thereby tactical play easier and fun. It’s also lighter on the pocket book I thank WLG for moving in this direction. My interest in K47 centers on the Japanese role in WWII. My interest comes honestly; my father served in Burma as a young officer with Merrill’s Marauders. So, I built my Japanese K47 force around my earlier accumulated BA figures; ditto, for the Americans, using my Merrill’s Marauders figures as the core element. It did not take long for my to expand into German K47: a fellow club member sold me his K47 collection lock, stock, and barrel at a very acceptable price. So, I have a third army, now. I am augmenting the latter with some specialty figures and vehicles from time- to-time when I can find a good price.

    Not long ago, I designed a scenario that pitted the Axis (Germans and Japanese) against British and American Allies centered in Northeastern India (the Axis were attempting a strategic link up). Standing back-to-back, literally, the allies were endeavoring to deny this objective. It was an exciting contest, back-and-forth, decided in the end with the narrowest of Axis victories: by ONE POINT! This club game episode is documented in there AAR section of our on line South Jersey Gamers Association forum– sjgaforum.discussion.community. Check it out.

    Looking forward to sharing insights, tactics, and good ideas in this K47 forum.

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