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    Chris Salander

    Looking at contemporary photographs, it seems that the darker gray and lighter gray that the Italians used on their smaller ships had such a dramatic contrast that they almost look like black and white. Photo attached of my attempt to represent this. (Humbrol 243 and 147.) Life vests are apparently a dark greyish green. And the little figures of Italian officers do not have life vests or helmets! Characteristic of them?

    – Chris Salander


    I use Lifecolor
    UA613 Cenerino chiaro for the hull;
    UA615 grigio piombo ponte for the bridge
    UA614 grigio scuro for camouflage
    UA616 rosso mattone for the red band in the bow.

    The life jackets were orange-red or sand yellow.
    the officers had navy blue cap, jacket and trousers in winter or white jacket and cap and navy blue trousers in the summer.
    Sailors kept navy blue in winter, white jacket with navy blue trousers in summer, or light gray fatigue hold.
    The helmets were gray-green.
    Look the crew of my Gabbiano corvette.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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