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    I’m getting VERY interested in K47 and want to come up with three allied forces:

    -a US Marine Corps Expeditionary Task Force

    -a force of Polish partisans from the Home Army ( ) aided by American advisers to help fight both Soviet  and Nazi occupation. They are also joined by  German and Russian defectors who have provided them with rift tech. (Inspired by US and English Army Jedburgh teams: )

    a force of partisans in the Pacific (haven’t decided what country yet. Suggestions are welcome) aided by USMC advisers to fight both the Chinese Communists and the Militarist Japanese (inspired by  Scale History SLC’s 1945 Viet Minh/OSS Deer Team Army: )

    On YouTube I’ve seen TONS of videos for how to play as the USMC or as Partisans in Bolt Action but none for Konflikt ‘47!

    Is it possible to apply tactics used in bolt Action to K47 despite them being different games?


    Also how many rift tech units could be suitable for each partisan army without being overkill?

    Attention Span Labs

    I’ll give a lame answer and say it depends which tactics you’re talking about, your mission objectives, and the composition of the enemy force. Of note, the factional benefits are in some cases different in K47 than in Bolt Action, so, for example, the US has air dominance in Bolt Action, but that trait is replaced by a couple of others in K47.

    I don’t play Marines, but I have a US paratrooper force with all of the Rift-tech equipment that’s sold except for the Grizzly (which I couldn’t find in stores) and the Tesla Greyhound. Obviously, I don’t use them all all the time, and the bulk of my force in any engagement I’ve ever played has been vanilla Bolt Action units. All US forces have significant advantages in fire and maneuver (rifles and BAR do not take a -1 when Advancing, gyro-stabilized heavy weapons do not take a -1 when advancing) and they can take three machine gun teams (including a heavy) for each machine gun slot, plus they re-roll 1s on all team weapons (not just machine guns — bazookas and mortars too), so in general you are going to get the most advantage out of them by moving quickly and maneuvering to get into the best firing positions rather than, say, Germany or Japan who have either national characteristics or weaponry suited to sitting at the back end of the table or dug-in for ambushes.

    Attention Span Labs

    About partisans: they are unlikely to have much in the way of Rift tech, and what they do have would likely have been captured off of their primary opponents. So, for example, your Polish may have a captured Spinne or a Schwerfeld projector, and your anonymous Asian partisans may have a captured Sasori or a couple of crates of compression rifles. Thematically, they would be rare because they are unlikely to know how to fix them or ‘recharge’ them over a campaign.

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