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    I am one those who like the added spice of employing monsters in the Orders of Battle for Erehwon war bands. Being as I am building an Olympian war band using a 25mm Spartan Army as a base force, I am interested in building an inventory of monsters out Greek Mythology.There are several already identified in the rule book. Right now, I have a Cyclops and a Griffen. But I would also like to add Medusa to the mix. Naturally, I am interested in employing the “baleful” stare as a prime weapon system. Currently, there is no provision for this monster character, and I cannot contact Rick Priestly directly for a suggested answer to my questions. So I ask: What stat profile would one propose for this character? What special rules? What classification modifiers? And what would be the rationale? Any ideas? Thanks for any consideration.

    Tim Haslam

    Hi Sam,
    Rick has put up a matrix on how to point up your own war bands and monsters.
    It’s on his blog, “this gaming life”

    So you make Madusa as you see fit, and agreed, she need Baleful Glare!

    Atlantis Miniatures do a beautiful model..

    Tim Haslam

    Maybe make her pretty weak,
    but give her 3 X Baleful Glare attacks?


    Here’s a link to the point value document that Rick Priestley put out.

    Also there’s a Facebook group with a lot more traffic than these forums that gets the occasional bits of feedback from Rick.


    Tim and Doug,

    Thank you for your prompt and helpful responses. Proves the value of these forums, clearly.



    Last evening, I war-gamed a round of WoE at a friend’s house. I used my newly minted Olympians; my foe was some nicely painted Wood Nymphs–weird but nicely painted. It was a rather original scenario–the entire Woodland Nymph war-band was on “Ambush” oders to begin the game. My muscle bound and multi-faceted Olympians were the invading force coming into “Woodlandia” on one road in a long column, seeing nothing, knowing nothing, except that I was going after a magic mushroom sited all the way diagonally across the terrain. Apparently, it was the source of, well, what made people “happy”? Needless to say, I immediately felt like I was on a “search and destroy” mission a la Vietnam. The nymphs were hidden just like the Viet Cong I chased after. I don’t know which was the more frustrating chasing after real live guerrillas or sniffing out Wood Nymphs on a beautifully designed and heavily-wooded terrain landscape. I had the power and numbers, to be sure; my foe held the element surprise throughout. I have to admit that I was not having fun plodding through the gorse until my Cyclops showed up on the board (for the first time ever). He made my day in what turned out to be a rather sanguinary stalemate. We’re talking about ranged attacks (boulder heaving) and H-T-H (which I would imagine involved using anything he could get his brutish hands on). He wound up giving my demoralized Olympians something to cheer about, taking down their highly-pumped and lethally designed champion Mano o Mano; and then essentially halving a large archery force that previously had decimated my Harpies with two stunning boulder barrages in back-to-back salvos (he’s a Mod 2.) Time ran out before final resolution could be achieved, but everyone was impressed with the Cyclops, owner, game master, and opponent. I gotta come up with a name ’cause wherever I go with this force I am taking my robust and spell-happy wizard (seer) and ???, my trusty Cyclops, ’cause we don’t need no stinking’ Lord or Hero with him board! Naturally, I overstate the case, but you get my drift?

    Tim Haslam

    Call him Simon?

    Tim Haslam

    Simon the Cyclops rolls off the tongue….

    Gerry Brawley

    Call him Sid…. much tougher sounding 🙂

    Tim Haslam

    Blink the cyclops

    Tim Haslam



    You guys are a riot. I can just imagine my tough, shield wall hoplites, holding the front line center of the battlefield in the thick of a stalemated shoving match, looking back over their shoulders and yelling out to the war band lord: “Oi, we want our Blinky!”😂 (that’s me laughing at my own joke).


    Hey Tim & Kris (and other WoE-ers),

    Here’s the latest addition to my monster/monstrosity inventory:

    Meet MEDUSA!

    Kris Dray

    Wow! Very baleful! I haven’t paid much attention to the monster list but I will have to see what the barbarians and gnolls might likely field. I will be happy if I get my monstrosity of a mammoth and howdah plus 5 marauding spearmen all finished by the end of the week and I can get someone to agree to let me field it.

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