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    I posted this elsewhere but I’m hoping to get a faster response here.

    I updated my rules with the latest errata and a few more questions came up.

    1. The US LCI(L) is now 65 points. How much is the vessel with an inexperienced crew? Is it 65? How much is the vessel with a veteran crew? Is it 140?
    I ask because the initial points costs on the card are seriously out of line.

    2. USN Sub Chaser is listed as 115 (170). The optional rockets add +60 points. Shouldn’t the cost be 115 (175)?

    3. US LCM 3 landing craft is listed as Small. Shouldn’t it be Tiny? The fleet box they came in had tiny wake markers and none of the other vessels use them. They are also dramatically smaller than the Small PT boats.

    4. All US PT boats (Higgins and Elco) have 4 MGs listed on their cards.

    A. Shouldn’t the Higgins have 4 (the 2 listed in the stat line plus the 2 free ones)?

    B. And shouldn’t the Elco have just 2 MGs? (Just the 2 free ones).


    1. The ships base cost ist with inexp. crew, depending on the ships size you add points.
    See the rulebook page 93.

    2. Math says 175, rulebooks says 170, this needs an FAQ as well. Maybe check the Data Card of the Ship, the MZ Motozattera and F Lighter have the point cost that was FAQed already on the card (MZ 130 on card and FAQ vs 145 in the rulebook, F-Lighter 175 on card and FAQ vs 170 in the rulebook).

    3. Can’t tell, what does the ship card say? (the size is mentioned below the speed indicator)

    I think you are correct with the Higgins, 2 free + 2 additional according to the profile for a total of 4.
    The card was visible in the store, so there are 4 MGs mentioned for the Elco, again an FAQ is needed, i would use the stats printed on the card though. Looking at the FAQs these seem to be correct.

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    1. The original points were 25/75/100. With the new base of 65 they should be 65/135/155 as it’s a Large ship.

    2. Agreed. Either a typo or math error. Would like to get clarification.

    3. Both the stat line and card say Small. But it’s half the size of Small PT boats. But to be fair, even the Japanese suicide boats are even smaller. It’s just that the fleet box they came in provided tiny wake markers. Possibly a mispack?

    4. Top of page 97 says all boats and ships, except tiny, have 2 MGs for free. Based on that and the stat lines I’m getting the Higgins with 4 and the Elco with 2.

    Side note: The LCM 3 has 2 MGs listed on the stat card but not there rulebook entry this arguing those are free MGs. This argues they should be Small as Tiny don’t get free MGs.

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