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    Nick Turner

    Gents, in an interview force size is mentioned as suitable for small warbands. Will the rules handle proper big battles?


    I saw somewhere that it isn’t meant to be a big battle game. Although you could probably get away with it if you played 2 vs 2 and everyone had their own warband.

    Drew Williams

    If it’s based as closely on the Antares rules (as it appears to be) then it should scale up really well, if anything it might work even better considering how brutal melee combat was.

    It’s never going to be a rank and flank battle game but big battles should be possible.


    The game seems to default at 1000 points, which is about 30-50 models or so. You can go up to 2000 points but after that they say that it gets unwieldy.

    john cadice


    Taking a queue from Bolt Action –
    A friend and I will roll huge 3000 point battles – BUT – we will limit dice pulls to 12-15 depending on the game. So we max out our dice, take as much as we want, your turns still flow quickly, you have a lot more choice in activations, while balancing play, as unit size seems to keep balance in line with monsters, units, and heroes.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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