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    Simple question, I hope:

    Under the current movement and special rules, do flying units in any Erehwon warband. say Harpies, stay in perpetual airborne motion? If not, do they fly in “bounds,” i.e., start from ground, fly, do their attack at some point, and then land at end of turn (within movement limitations, of course)? Or do they have the option to do both–fly perpetually or “bound”?

    Thanks for any consideration.


    Tim Haslam

    I’m pretty sure it says in the rules to look at flyers movements as “bounds”
    They are also very clear as to who can attack flying units.
    Harpies are particularly good at flying.
    With a base M of 10 and an agility of 9, plus being classed as “fast”


    Thanks, Tim. Helpful. Especially with a big club game of WoE coming up in a couple of weeks. By the way, check out our club forum at; saga stands for South Jersey Gamers Association. Especially look at our after-action section. You’ll see, in short, my Spartan Olympian warband and my good friend John’s Athenian-based warband in being blooded for the first time. We both had Harpies, and my question came up, then. We did not know, so we played as if they were in perpetual flight, but I was still not sure.

    Tim Haslam

    Thanks Sam I’ll take a look.

    Yup, the rules are quite specific on flyers, and on who or what can attack/shoot at them.

    Are you using BattleScribe software?
    It’s free, or better if you make a small payment.
    Great for list writing.


    Yes. I do use BattleScribe. It is handy. I like that I can make “cards” for each configured unit–for a specific game and scenario. At the risk of imposition, could you give me the page references that deal with my “Harpie” question. I find bits in different places, and I am having a little trouble connecting the dots. Much obliged if you can.
    By the way, I am calling attention–far and wide–to your magnificently painted Barbarian warband displayed in this forum. Where did you find that marvelous wooly mammoth ensemble?

    Tim Haslam

    I’ll have to dig my rule book out Sam.
    I’m at a WoE event this weekend so I’ll be giving feedback etc.
    I’ll get back to you.

    The big wooly thing is off eBay.
    Can’t remember the company? But very good value.
    It’s resin. They do a couple or variations.
    It’s BIG but I feel it suits the army perfect.
    I remember it was advertised as a WoE model?

    Tim Haslam

    Oh and I did take a look at your spartan force.
    Lovely looking warbands.
    Looks like a great game.


    Using BattleScribe SW to tailor units for my WoE Olympian Warband. However, I have not figured out how to add a monster: I want to add a Cyclops to my warband, for example. Is there a tool in the app that allows for that?

    By the way, I found the rules reference to flying units: they do fly in bounds as their movements are to be treated as “hops.” Do you know if Harpies can drop their “rocks” on a RUN order, which I deduce is a “20-inch” movement. I also understand that they only can be attacked if on a DOWN order, however.

    Hope you have good luck in your tournament.

    Tim Haslam

    I do know how to add monsters.
    But it’s a little difficult to explain,
    When you create a roster and pick your ‘race’ you can add another race to the same roster. Simply add the monster list.
    Also allows a orc and goblin list and other possibilities.

    I’ll have to look at harpies and shooting.
    Off the top of my head, it’s only magic users who can run and cast spells. Everything else has to have a fire order or an advance order?



    I monkeyed around and figured out how to merge the Monster warband with my Olympians, once you told me where to look. Thanks. I appreciate your help with a couple of these issues.


    Tim Haslam

    Ha! Not a problem, I was getting lonely on this forum!
    Lots of people using Facebook, but I’m still resisting that at this stage in my life.

    Mark Stanoch


    You guys are wasting your time with that game. You should be playing Black Powder 2 instead!

    Warm regards,

    Mark Stanoch

    John F. Stanoch

    Please excuse the crassness of my twin brother. “Forgive him, for he knows not what he does”

    Unfortunately he has his head buried deep in a keg of powder and does not see the simplicity and depth of these very fun rules. My Athenians did indeed meet their demise at the hands of Sam’s Spartans. But I enjoyed the game immensely. No cannons nor bayonets were in sight!


    Hey Mark and John,

    Given my rather large holdings of various groups under the TOH rule sytem, I now can announce a second Erehwon army in my inventory: Samurai Erehwon! Looking forward to blooding them in the New Year!

    Happy New Year you two!


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