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    Andrew T

    Hi all,

    Got my rulebook today. Looks like a nice wee game . I wish I’d gone for the starter set as I now see you need slot of accessories, wake boards, plumes, fancy dice and data cards and torpedoes. What comes in the fleet boxes? Is there another way to get the accessories


    Hi Andrew

    Each fleet gets its specific ships with their components. For example:

    RN Fleet
    2 x Plastic Early Vosper MTBs
    2 x Plastic Mid/Late Vosper MTBs
    2 x Fairmile D (resin and metal)
    1 x Armed Trawler (resin and metal)
    1 x Bristol Beaufighter Mk Ic (metal)
    Ship Cards
    Plastic Torpedo markers

    Once all the fleets are out early 2019 we should be issuing the accessories via mail order separately


    Bill McGill

    Are the aircraft in the Fleet Boxes 1/300 like the boats or 1/200 scale like Blood Red Skies?

    Richard Coates

    The Cruel Seas planes are 1/300 scale.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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