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    Read the rule book a couple of times now and I am looking for some guidance on a couple of rules questions:

    1. Are you required to always roll after using a star chip or can you decide to not roll and just leave it on the table after you taking an action (noting the negative consequences of failing a roll). The RAW seems to suggest you must always roll.

    2. Can you move through friendly models?

    3. At what point are “fast moving” tokens removed from an from NON vehicle models? You get them when you sprint or charge, but where does it say you remove them in the turn timing?

    Jason Hall

    I’m not sure about question 1…


    2: No you cannot move through friendly troops unless it’s probes. Page 18, Moving Through.

    3: I think… Fast moving tokens on NON vehicles are removed at the start of the next turn I would assume as the unit needs another order, you would maintain the fast moving tag on that unit if it’s sprints etc again.



    2. Is page 18 the correct reference because I can see nothing about movement on that page, it about ranged attack rules?

    3. Nothing wrong with your logic, but it will be important to get a definitive ruling as it will have a significant impact on tactics and shooting if the marker is removed:
    A. At the end of the round
    B. At the start of the next round
    C. At the minis next activation.


    I think Jason might be reading the Antares rulebook Peter! 😮

    Andy Chambers

    1. No, rolling to return the Star chip is always a choice.
    2. Yes you can move through friendly models.
    3. Remove moving fast markers when the model next activates (unless it moves fast again then just leave in place).


    Hey all, having only played a couple of games I notheless have a question about the Heavy Weapons.

    The gamebook says they are Aimed Fire only. Does this mean they benefit from the +2 bonus to Shoot or Damage like normal Aimed FIre, or is it only the reflect that it takes a Double Action to fire them?

    Andy Chambers

    Hi and welcome. Heavy weapons don’t benefit from the usual bonus to Shoot or Power you’d usually get for Aimed Fire. You can find more on this on p32 where it talks about different kinds of weapons (flame etc) under ‘Aimed Fire only’ weapons. Hope that helps.


    Cheers, must have missed that bit.


    After another half dozen games I have another couple of questions, specifically about time weapons and the ranges of some of Bubba’s henchman’s Stormers.

    On page 42 iirc, it says that the a model in a Time Trap can only be freed by another time weapon, but not exactly how that happens. Since a model in a time trap is subdued, if you throw a time bomb at it, is the model free, or is it then affected by the time bomb or other time weapon? Would the time drogue free a time trapped model for only a turn and then revert as normal, or do the weapons cancel each other out?

    The other question is about the Stormer range listed for Low Down 0’Phee and Skull. Their long range is listed as 16″ instead of the normal 24″ and they don’t have any modifications that affect their range. Is this a misprint or do they just have unique weapons (like Der Happy Stick)?

    Andy Chambers


    Any Time weapon can be used to cancel a Time Trap – even potentially another Trap. The Time weapon used for this purpose doesn’t have any effect other than to cancel the trap.

    You’re correct about the range on Low Down O’Phee and Skull’s Stormers – it’s a typo and it should be 24″.

    You can find a set of FAQ and Errata very kindly collected and hosted by Gordon Bissell here:


    Got some more questions to annoy Mr. Chambers with, specifically:

    1) When an attack by a Flame weapon pins the target, they are driven away D6 and stunned. How does this interact with falling or the board edge? Does the target stop at the edge of the cliff/board or go over, or make a Cool test and go over if it is failed?

    This came up in a recent game and we ruled the blind panic caused be being aflame drove Calamity Stixx from the board.

    2)Do things like Gas and Time Traps provide cover for targets behind or within them?

    3)Are Vehicles taken down in the same manner as other models, meaning they are removed/wrecked when their Cool reaches 0 or less, or must they suffer a ‘Destroyed’ result?

    Cheers and looking forward to some SD/Dredd crossover games!

    Andy Chambers

    Hey there Findo, glad you’re having fun. To your questions:

    1) Yes you could be driven off the board by a flame attack. If the scenario has provision for models coming from off-table you could use that to bring the crispy individual back into play. If you get this happening a lot then do the last ditch Cool test as you suggest, but in general I’d view this as a harsh lesson not to lurk at the edge of the table.

    2) Yes I rate areas of gas or Time trap victims as an obstruction so +1 Resist for the target if the line of fire passes through them. Honestly I give out +1 Resist for anything without a completely clear line of fire.

    3)You’d need a destroyed result to wreck/remove a vehicle. Once at 0 Cool it would stop working but stay in play as a piece of terrain – you might even allow models to still use mounted guns on it.

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