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    I got back into wargaming during the covid crisis in August 2020. I bought Black Powder rules and decided I would start with the first scenario in the back of the book on page 118. The Battle of Elixheim. It took me time to collect all the miniatures, paint them, make the battlefield, then find a space to play.

    Last month the project completed to my satisfaction. I played an “incomplete” game using Field of Battle rules. You can find my post on that in my blog.

    Now I’m starting on my Black Powder game. I finished the first turn and have done my first battle report. It is not videoed but I documented it with lots of phots for you.

    My first post is called
    <h3 class=”post-title entry-title”>BP Battle Report Elixheim Turn 1 British and the Amusing Blunder of the 1st Brigade</h3>
    Here is the URL:

    I hope you’ll take a look at it and share your thoughts.

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