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    Richard Shirley

    1. Weapon ranges, listed as short 0-8″ and long 8-16″… so if the target is at 8″, what’s the intent here ? Long is more than 8 up to 16?
    2. Sturms hammer is listed as close combat with a short and long range… does he bascially have a 4″ close combat range or is the hammer throwable ?
    3. Scenario 2 in the scenario book… has the SD team start inside the building. Main rulebook lists buildings as impassible. How should buildings be treated?
    4. Also for scenario 2, the outlaws main goal is to incapacitate(stun) the SD team. How can they do this with no weapons capable of stunning/versatile? Is it just hope you get stuns on the damage chart ?

    Andy Chambers

    1. If the model is at exactly 8″ it’s within short range.
    2. He can throw his hammer
    3. Impassable building rules are only for solid terrain pieces, in this case the building/terrain piece is enter-able so it’s basically four walls and a roof.
    4. Melee attacks (without weapons, i.e. fists) can always count as Stunning attacks. Tricky though.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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