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    Paul Sawyer

    Evening all,

    With the range of figures coming along nicely I’m turning our thoughts towards which pieces of scenery, scatter terrain or vehicles we might look to produce to support the range.

    We already have a shortlist but I’m always keen to hear from players of the game (or even collectors) about that they’d like.

    So, I’m all ears…

    Richard Coates

    While we obviously have a TARDIS exterior scenery piece, for me lots of the most exciting conflicts in Doctor Who were when the bad guys got inside. So I’d love to see some TARDIS interiors. The central control panel and some modular wall sections would be great, especially of the 4th-5th Doctor eras.


    Off the top of my head….

    Crashed Dalek Saucer.
    Actual Dalek Saucer 😉
    Sontaran spheres
    Unit base and scatter stuff with Unit logos etc
    Tardis interior including console, corridors etc (set a whole game inside the Tardis?!)
    Iconic mini diorama sets from specific episodes like the Tardis landing spot in the Dalek Invasion of Earth.
    Gallifrey Panopticon including Eye of Harmony, seals of Rassilon etc
    Classic looking ‘Moonbase interior’ type thing with consoles etc
    More stuff from Tomb, like the Cyberman re-energiser, logic consoles and Tomb entramce etc

    Greig Chambers

    I agree with previous posts. TARDIS interiors and consoles would interest me for display (I’m not a gamer) but Doctor Who specific ships, landscape features or scenarios, as well as mini dioramas would all be high on my to buy list as these could be used in game, but also as display backdrops. I would also love Dalek ship interiors, those creepy curved walls and corridors. I would love some Tomb of Rassilon bits from the Five Doctors too


    Above all i would enjoy scenery that can easily be used with the core box double-side gaming mat.
    Computers, boxes… Computers and engines doesn’t have to be so futuristic, it can also be “70’s”. That would be so Doctor Who !


    I have to second the tomb of Rassilon from 5 Docs stuff. The Dark Tower exterior would be amazing to have, allowing games to take place in the Death Zone on Gallifrey and could even come with certain rules as well!

    Bernd B.


    I’d love a Whomobile, as that would be far too complicated to scratchbuild (for me, that is).

    Aaaaaaand I’d love some “moving scenery” in the form of a generic civilians set, preferably plastic multipose – nothing that needs BBC-approval, just 38mm/1-48 scale (might be marketed to scale modellers as well).


    Dante Darko-Moss

    Gallifreyan architecture
    different tardis interiors or tardis rooms
    cyberman ship intterior

    Andrew Parker

    I second the Tomb of Rassilon.

    I think some space station corridors/rooms would be good, such as Space Station Nerva from the Ark in Space/Revenge of the Cybermen, or Sanctuary Base from the Impossible Plant/Satan Pit.

    Otherwise, a Dalek base. The jungles of Spiridon, Zeta Minor, or Kembel, or the cave systems from Caves of Androzani.

    Richard Coates

    The Caves of Androzani is one of my favourite stories, along with Earthshock – both featuring cave systems. When it comes to caves the question is whether it’s better produced as scenery or as a tutorial on how to make your own. You don’t want to have a repetitive pattern to your caves when they’re supposed to be naturally formed – unless that’s the basis of your narrative, of course!


    Generic corridors and rooms to use as spaceships or bases that the doctor/ vicious minion could travel about in

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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