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    Des Shearer

    Hi folks,

    Ran a few 500 pt skirmishes/demos last night in The Gathering in Limerick, Ireland.

    There is nothing specific in the rules for exchange of missiles and spells.

    The rules do mention everything from spears, arrows, rocks and even breathing fire or baleful glare (special rule).

    The rules do say that a wizard cannot charge and cast, which is fair, similar to archers – they can fire arrows if being charged at, but not while charging.

    We assume that a wizard can cast a spell like firey balls at a charging enemy?

    Anyone any thoughts on this issue?


    wizards can only cast when they are given another order or react as part of an ambush, and may never cast as part of a charge.


    Hi Des,

    I think it would be fair to allow a wizard to cast a missile style spell if being charged. Applies to all parties, and could easily be accepted by a group as a standard evry day house rule. I think I will.


    Derek Dahmes

    We allow it for Magic Missiles but the Casting number goes down by 1 and you must HALVE the number of hits the spell inflicts, rounding DOWN, which is a fair penalty we think. On the flip-side, a magic missile cast in an exchange of missiles can only be dispelled by a Wizard who is in or ‘attached’ to the target unit. (Cuz it’s all happening so fast!)

    BTW, ‘Attaching’ is also a house rule. 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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