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    Matt Price

    So I’ve been watching the “Epic scale” sets come out with some interest.  I love the scale, but ACW and Napoleonics leave me a little cold…  Pike and Shotte does look cool, but what would really get me excited is medieval and/or Dark Ages era battles.  Masses of archers, armored knights, cavalry, and lightly armored infantry…  Maybe some siege engines thrown in for good measure?  I suppose Roman/Ancients might be cool (chariots!), but pre-gunpowder has always seemed to me to be the most interesting.

    What are the chances we might see the Epic series of games continue its march backwards in time…?  Anyone here have any insight to Warlord’s plans for Epic?

    Warren Coleman

    An ancient or dark age period would be good but it would be quite restricted due to the way the miniatures are produced.  It would need to be shield wall, Saxon, Viking may be Norman or ancient Roman but their opponents were usually in looser formations, Ceasar’s Civil Wars would be achievable as most of the troops would be close order infantry.   Ancient Greek or Macedonian would be good (although I have thousands of these in 15mm lol) I think warbands would be difficult and ancient Egypt, Chariot Wars would great but lots of individual models.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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