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    I am very excited about this new range and just finished painting the free frames you get from January Wargames Illustrated Magazine.

    Was wondering about the Gettysburg Battle Mat Warlord Games is selling for this range, as the photo on Warlords website shows a different area than that on the manufacturer’s website (Geek Villian).

    Something does not look right, as it does not seem the Warlord photo focuses on the main area of the first days battle; also, the Geek Villian photo does not seem to illustrate McPhersons ridge and farm correctly, the railroad cut, etc.



    The image of the mat is flipped on this site but the mat itself is not in many places historically accurate, if compared to historical document.

    Moreover it does not show much east of the town

    My biggest concern is that while nice is relatively useless for this epic range, being simply out of scale unless one base equals a brigade which is just about close. You are better served by one of their excellent generic mats


    wow, I can’t believe Warlord is pushing this mat via email even though its inaccurate.

    I do have the Gettysburg cigar box mat, but that was designed specifically for a different ruleset.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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