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    Luiso Bosqueviejo

    I just see the new v3 Weapons Reference Sheet and I have discovered many weapons have “Elective Breaching” special rule, like the plasma lance. I don’t see this special rule in the v2 nor the rulebook. Is there a rules change in the new Virai supplement? I’m very confused.

    Tim Bancroft

    This and the new weapons are all in the new supplement, ‘The Dronescourge Returns’.

    Luiso Bosqueviejo

    Thank you for your fast answer, Tim. I also wrote a comment in the Facebook group, I could not wait! 🙂

    Jan Rudolph

    Just ten days left 🙂 You can preorder it at the shop 😉


    Very much looking forwards to my Virai starter army coming through 🙂


    Are the new weapon abilities going to be available as a download somewhere? I don’t want to recommend the game to someone and then tell them that they have to buy an expansion just to get the rules for a weapon that used to be self-contained in the core rules .

    Richard Coates

    @Zac Elective Breaching is to do with how the weapon interacts with walls, buildings etc, in the new rules but you don’t need knowledge of that rule to use the weapon in a normal game – just use the rules in the core book for using weapons to destroy buildings. The supplement has an advanced system for how weapons and walls interact when fighting aboard spaceships and large structures. This is a new way of playing and one of the key things The Dronescourge Returns is about.

    Any rules that you need to play will always be contained in the FAQ documents, which are free.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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