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    Natural Birth———————————————————–2083

    Graduates Academy of Law——————————————-2102

    First Case (Saudade)—————————————————2103

    Veteran of the Apocalypse War—————————————2104

    Infiltration of Democracy Now! Movement————————-2109

    Aimee Nixon Family Training—————————————–2115

    Events of Megacity 1 Undercover vol#2————————2126-2128

    Events of Megacity 1 Undercover vol#3————————2133-2137

    Becomes a Board Member of Overdrive Inc———————–2135

    Encaledus Offensive(Titan)——————————————2137

    The Smiley Affair(A Small House)———————————-2139

    The Hershey Files—————————————————–2142


    Hi Findo!

    Though I’m not entirely sure how useful Frank’s notes are, I just wanted to let you know that I’m here reading.

    The 2000 AD section of this forum is deader than a dodo, but I still check regularly to see if anyone has posted (nobody rarely does).

    So yeah, I see you man. 🙂


    I have some scenarios I fleshed out and playtested to go along with the fig I made, but my notes are locked up right now.  Still too much like Dirty Frank myself.


    Looks like Dirty Frank’s notes may remain lost as a second divorce for my dad type thing is keeping me from accessing the stuff I have in his (ex)wife’s storage.   Shame as well because I had several linked scenarios taking Frank from the beginning of his career (Saudade) up to 2010 or so.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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