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    I played a 3rd solitaire battle. A leader was killed when the cavalry unit he joined was defeated in hand to hand combat. It took 4 casualties and had to retreat a move. The leader took 4 loss rolls and one of them was a 6. Therefore, the brigadier general is killed, wounded, or captured.

    So, what I’m not finding in the rules is what now happens to the brigade? Is a new, subordinate leader raised up? The battalions now can only be lead by the army general one by one? Please clarify what happens now that the brigadier is out of the battle?


    You simply replace him in the next player turn.  Most players have House Rules to determine what the leader is SR rating and characteristics will be.  The two most common conventions are to roll for the leader’s SR rating or bring in a “new leader” one SR level less than the leader he is replacing.  Most also put a floor of SR7 so if an SR7 dies, you replace him with an SR7.

    We play that you replace him when it is the leader’s turn to move which is at the end of his command phase.  So unless some other leader can command the troops the command sits idle except for initiative moves and other mandatory moves for one turn.   This delay reflects the time needed for the new leader to assume command.

    This is one area where you can have a bit of fun and design your own house rule.


    Thank you, Mike.

    Garry Wills

    George,  leaders only have to check for casualties inflicted after the unit is shaken, so probably only once in your example. (p.74 in BP2)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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