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    So I played my first game tonight and a couple of questions came up.

    1. Collisions. Can you attempt to dodge them? What happens if you end up colliding with a suicide boat?

    2. Suicide boats. When they attack are they required to attempt to ram? Also can suicide boats be dodged or is the only save a 6?

    3. What weapons are flak weapons? Is it just up to the players knowledge?

    As far as the first point it would make sense if somebody collided with a suicide boat that it might go off but the way it seems is that accidentally colliding with them will kill them easily.

    John Stallard

    Hi Brendan, In haste as I am dashing out, but here is my take on your questions..Good questions too!

    Dodging a rammer….Hmm, had not thought of that… I would say an experienced crew could attempt it, give them a 4+ chance to do it.

    suicide boats just hit automatically if they survive the approach!
    The vast majority of the weapons carried on our small ships count as flack from mgs to 40mm..

    Hope that helps best wishes john stallard


    Can you explain the collision and ramming rules please. We enjoyed a recent game at the club, but none of the six of us could make head of tails of this bit of the rules.

    Key questions are :

    1. Only get crews can ram and these can be dodged fair enough, but if a non vet crew hits another boat then it seems that is a collision anyway and it causes the same damage as a ram……Don’t understand this.

    2. An intentional ram where the bow strikes a hull – damage would depend on the attackers speed, and the rammed would cause more damage. Cannot see this anywhere ?

    3. What speed are the boats at after a ram or collision ? Surely they slow down ?

    Unlike most, I don’t want to write a load of house rules for an internationally available set of rules. I would rather have the same rules for all of possible, so would prefer advice / a ruling on this an an addition to the errata sheet please.


    We had a collision last night, and yeah, the rules are a bit vague on some key points.

    First, I think the rules need a (required) way for the non-active ship to attempt to avoid the collision. My opponent moved one of his boats in front of my own boat, and *explicitly* stated that he was doing so because he knew that a collision would occur, and that he would take less damage than I would as a result of that collision (since his ship was larger). In short, my opponent performed the equivalent of a Ram (i.e. he arranged for an intentional collision), but managed to avoid the skill checks that could ordinarily cause a Ram (as opposed to a collision) to fail because it was a “collision” instead of a “ram”.

    Second, we had questions about the ship movement speeds afterwards. I’ll also note that we didn’t spot the sidebar note about what to do after a collision or ram since we were focused on the Collision section of the rules.

    Rules as written seem to suggest that after separating the two ships, the active ship resumes it’s movement where it left off.


    I also had the problem. I have suggested some alternatives and attached a file in the Collisions and ram thread further down the headings page. Comments on these would be appreciated.

    They are perhaps a little too rammer friendly at present.

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