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    Eric Fontaine

    Know of an upcoming event? Wanna spread the word? Post it and as many details as you can here. And lets spread the word!
    Event name
    Event location (Be specific as possible)
    Report times
    List building standards (points, restrictions)
    Max # of players
    Registration site?
    FB link?

    Jan Rudolph

    Good Day Fellows,

    just want to present you my Gaming Days in Coburg, Germany.
    Each first Saturday per Month will be an Gaming/Demo Day for Beyond the Gates of Antares. Loan forces are available and every participant gets a free model.

    Antares in Coburg

    Just write me a week ahead what you like to do and I will arrange it. All events are also linked in the Facebook page of the IMTel group and the Jenseits der Tore von Antares group.

    In addition to that. A great event will happen in September this year. At Seetroll I’ll host a Gaming-Day with a large 4-player game in the evening. First Contact! Try to catch the Virai NuFirst and secure thier data core.

    Antares Spiel-Tag Konstanz

    Or just come over and have a chat. The 4-player event has limited space just write me a PM or contact me over Facebook. Early birds may choose their free model.

    If there is any question left feel free to ask.

    See you soon


    Martin Valentini

    Hi All, we had small antares tournament in Buenos Aires Argentina for Antares Day the past April 26th:

    John Mathews

    Looks like a good time Martin. Can we see some more close ups of the armies somewhere?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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