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    Samuel Londeen

    I am building two armies one Ghar and the other Concord. When it comes to painting there is no other offical examples aside from the box cover photos. The main thing I am looking for is seeing if there is any lore based examples on how these armies choose there colors of war. No right or wrong answer, I just thought I would ask people who have been steeped in the background longer than I for some advice.

    Thank you for your time and consideration in advance!

    Tim Bancroft

    There are no other example paint schemes other than what has been shown in the supplements and webstore – mainly because Antares is far bigger and more diverse than a fair few other game universes. The armour is also highly adaptive/chameleo-active so alters to suit the environment.

    Many units select as their base uniform colours those of a recent engagement or campaign in which they performed particularly well. My own Concord, for example, are in a Shamasai (sand-and-red-rock) based scheme and thee latest in a Taskarr (arctic) scheme; my Isorians are in a snow-and-blue-ice scheme. It also helps that the schemes can fit in well with my own terrain tables!

    The Nexus is a great place for example paint schemes, though. Try for a general list of showcase articles or try searching for ‘Ghar’ or ‘Concord’/ ‘C3’ (

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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