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    I have eagerly awaited the new expansion, and reading the rules for Fat Camps on page 18 – specifically that you can only choose Fattie models in your forces – it prompts a range of questions….

    – If you draw a ‘mob reinforcements’ Block War card, do you allow that block a Resident Mob as an exception, or is the card ignored?

    – If you draw a ‘mob frenzy’ card, but aren’t allowed Resident Mobs, is it wasted and best discarded?

    – Similarly, if your opponent draws an ‘electro-cordons’ card, it would be wasted if he Fat Camp can’t play ‘mob reinforcements’ (which, by the letter of page 18, it can’t)

    – Are the opponent’s cards for ‘riot foam’ and ‘future shock’ also irrelevant fighting a Fat Camp as they can only be played on Packs, which Fatties can’t form.

    – The scenario ‘The Challenge’ mandates that each side has a Block Champion – but as these are not allowed for Fat Camp, can we nominate a Fattie to take that role? Otherwise the scenario is unplayable.

    Logically, the rule should be that only Fatties may be taken in the initial force, but Residents Mobs (and in fact, Judges) can be added if a Block War card prompts it. Is that how it should have been written? Is that how everyone else is playing it?

    And finally for Fat Camps, it seems possible that a camp can have a population of 55, and average only 4000 – which looks super small against the extremes of a City Block with a population that starts at 21,000 and averages at about 83,000!



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