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    Ok, I checked Errata v. 1.1.1 about changes in torpedo attack from v.1.0 rules here is my questions:

    It say Tiny, small, medium size and barge cannot be targated by torpedo attack, but still in the DRM table there is a -1 hitting medium size target.

    So what is correct, can you fire torpedo on medium size target?

    (In know many account of submerged Uboats and Submarines classed as M size that where successful torpedo by other Submarines.)

    And barge, where do you find information if the target is a barge qualified for not being targated by torpedo?

    Is Marinefahrprham F classified as a Barge?

    Richard Coates

    Regarding the first question,you cannot in the standard rules use torpedoes against Medium vessels. There is an optional rule for allowing them to target Medium vessels if players agree, and the -1 modifier is in the table is for this eventuality.


    Thank you for quick answer.
    It clears up a lot.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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