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    Tim Haslam

    Well Cavemen actually with a homage to 1 million BC

    Mark Lewis

    They look great !

    Derek Dahmes

    Wow, those do look awesome! Thanks for sharing Tim!

    Tim Haslam

    Thanks guys,

    Working on a Stone Age giant made from a converted kids toy now.
    And thinking of adding a hero type figure,
    Do you think I should mount my hero on a beast?
    A bear or a woolly rhino? (I can use the stats for a horned dinosaur)
    Even on foot he’s quite a formidable foe!


    That’s an awesome force!
    I love the paint work, and the mammoth looks mighty!

    What is the Moa used as?

    Tim Haslam

    I’m assuming your referring to my big bird! 😉

    I’m going to run as a basilisk, probably!
    Thanks for looking.
    I’m just seeing if I’ve got my hero finished photo I can post?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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