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    List building strategy. All theoretical at the moment!

    Squeeze in as many units as possible. Each unit gives you an order dice, which increases your chances of activating any given unit before your opponent. This means choosing non-elite units, minimum unit sizes, and naked heroes.

    Take as many one-per-army units as possible. They’re restricted for a reason, right?

    Monstrosities are interesting in light of these thoughts. While expensive, their ratio of points to order dice is actually very efficient. And at low points levels, I wouldn’t expect to see many enemy units designed to take them down. Although they are as vulnerable to the Rules of 1 and 10 as anyone.

    Over 1000 points, start bulking out and improving units. Try not to go above 12 order dice, or you’ll have to buy another set! 🙂


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    Deorc Sawol

    A Wizard, even a weak one, is a must. In case your opponent has brought one to the battle, you will be happy trying to dispel at least a spell.
    About monsters… I would say that they are only fun if both players make an agreement on that. Otherwise would be funny but just for one player…

    But I could agree more with you, mate. You nailed!

    Don Delis

    For Knights you keep the Lord Knight at 3. A wizard, magic 3 and, perhaps some familiars. One unit of Knights 5. A Champion (maybe). Retainers should be 10 figures. I also wish they had a Greate Gonne.


    I could have gone Knights but I love me some BARBARIAN HORDES!!

    Order Dice: 12
    One-of-a-kind Units: 5

    Barbarian Chieftain: 4xBodyguards – Medium Armor – Savage – Tough 2 – Wound 2
    Barbarian Berserkers: Savage
    Barbarian Hero: Savage – Tough 2 – Wound 2
    Barbarian Shaman: 4xElemental Spirits – Magic Level 3 – Tough 2 – Spells: Fiery Balls and Sorcerer’s Shield
    Mammoth: 8xCrew: Bows
    6x Barbarian Brats: Rocks – Savage
    Total: 1000pts.

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